26 June 2009

Dear Purse Addict

Dear Aunt Nancis,

I have a big problem. I have a purse addiction. Every time I buy a purse, I say that is the last one I'm buying...until the next must have purse comes along. Please help me. I am out of control!

Purse Addict.

Dear Purse Addict:

You do not have a problem.

Buying purses is not an addiction; it's an art form that must be reinforced with every new bag for every new season. The excitement of owning a new bag can only be matched by...well, that kind of excitement can't be matched. It's a glory onto itself to own a designer bag.

You are only out of control if you buy more than one of the same bag.

Buy on, sister, buy on.

-Aunt Nancis


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