24 June 2009

Dear Desperate Duck

Dear Aunt Nancis,

I have a major problem. I have sisters who write far funnier and wittier blogs than the one I write. And worse, sometimes mine contains errors in punctuation or grammar! I feel inadequate. What can I do about this?

With much groveling,

Desperate Duck

Dear Desperate Duck:

Obviously, you are a shite writer. You should give up now before you embarrass yourself.

As for your sisters, I encourage them to keep writing. If their superior writing skills are making you feel inadequate, perhaps this will be the push you need to get off your arse and really throw yourself into your work.

-Aunt Nancis



  1. Dear Aunt Nancis,

    I disagree. Desperate Duck should keep writing because her sisters will probably get writer's block, stop blogging, and turn to the bottle (as all writers do). Eventually she will surpass them because she kept going.

    no plot

  2. I would respond, but then I wouldn't be following your advice. But, wait, I am writing now! This is confusing, like being caught in a wormhole for 25 years and then meeting my younger self in the future...

  3. I believe one of the sisters has already turned to the bottle. However, it has nothing to do with her writing skills but more so due to her work colleagues.

    yours truly,
    crazy colleague # 101 (I guess that's my number after hearing about the turnover here)