13 August 2009

Dear Former Dog Lover

Dear Aunt Nancis,

My large black labs are plotting against me and every stuffed toy in the house. What shall I do?

Signed, Former Dog Lover

Dear Former Dog Lover:

Doesn't your name say it all? You thought you could handle pet ownership, and perhaps you could have if you only had one dog. What's with the plural? This was your undoing.

Also, dogs cannot plot. If you have stuffed toys in your house (hopefully, you have a child/children - otherwise you are just a freak) you should put them away when you are finished playing with them to keep them out of harm's way. Didn't your mama teach you anything? She probably did, but you just ignored her and lived in your own little dream world...the kind you were in when you got these Labs in the first place.

- Aunt Nancis


12 August 2009

Dear Anonymous

I recently received this comment on my blog:

? i have came in several times when i saw the blog updated on bloggers. i can never
understand what it's about. can you please tell this poor soul what your blogging about?

Dear Anonymous:

This blog is about helping people (albeit in a tongue-in-cheek manner). People write to Dear Aunt Nancis (or they used to - it seems to have slowed down somewhat) asking for advice. Aunt Nancis does her utmost to help these poor souls with their dilemmas. You sound like you may need some help. Please feel free to write to dearauntnancis@gmail.com and your problems will be solved forthwith.