01 July 2009

Dear Tannin

Dear Aunt Nancis:

Smooth and Silky finish is my nickname. I was consuming so much Merlot that had smooth and silky finishes to them, that I thought it would be a cool nickname to give myself. Repeating the phrase, "wow, that wine as a smooth and silky finish" repeatedly almost becoming a mantra, I thought there is no better way to honour my fave Merlot than by adopting said phrase.

Again, I have no problem doing this, so why should anyone else?

I am feeling the urge for another name change however, that would easily reflect where my heart is.

Sign me,

Dear Tannin:

In your previous letter to me (wherein you called yourself "Smooth and Silky Finish") you asked if I could recognise the signs of a true drinking problem. I have now done the research.

Sadly, one of the first signs is when you start to give yourself nicknames that reflect what you are currently drinking...

-Aunt Nancis


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  1. ? i have came in several times when i saw the blog updated on bloggers. i can never understand what it's about. can you please tell this poor soul what your blogging about?