09 March 2010

Dear Aunt Nancis,

I am having trouble deciding on whether or not black eyeliner is appropriate for someone in their late 30's. I love black eyeliner and black mascara. Should I switch to brown?

Black is Best

Dear Black:

Hard to answer, seeing as I don't know what you look like. However, assuming you are human, I would suggest black eyeliner is always appropriate no matter what the age of the wearer. But, at the risk of touting an actual product, I think Cover Girl Eyelights is the best mascara - just match it to your eye colour and you're good to go. Thanks, Tyra Banks...the list of things I've learned from America's Next Top Model keeps on growing!

- Aunt Nancis


1 comment:

  1. Actually, if you are a guy it all depends upon your eye color. Oh, and your lashes too. Maybe if you are tired again it might change.

    Ah, being a guy is so complicated!